деловая переписка на английском языке
Writing Excellent Emails
Автор, ведущий Сергей Кречетов (МГИМО, Россия)
Деловая переписка на английском языке
Сергей работал в UNESCO, ICC, выпускник и приглашенный преподаватель МГИМО, один из ведущих специалистов по деловой переписке на английском языке в России.
Для кого?
Для всех, кому в своей повседневной практике необходимо вести деловую переписку на английском языке.
Тренинг может проходить как в открытом формате на нашей площадке, так и корпоративном формате у Вас в офисе.
Тренинг может проводиться в виде разовой консультации или серии интенсивных тренингов в вашем офисе.
Обратная связь
Участники тренинга могут прислать примеры своих emails до начала тренинга и получить обратную связь по всем вопросам.
Количество участников
Обычно тренинг проходит в интерактивной форме в группе до 14 человек.
Книга в подарок
Каждый участник тренинга получит от ведущего уникальное пособие с набором клише, типов писем и упражнений.
Email Writing

Readers are primarily interested in what you are saying. The way you say it may encourage them either to read on or to give up. This training is about 'elegant expression' and 'well thought out' business writing. Most emails and proposals are not elegantly expressed. Most business writing is long, complex and takes forever to get the point. And that is a chance for you to shine. It is a fundamental set of techniques that you'll be able to apply to win in any sales situation.

Delegates are also requested to send their own texts in advance of the seminar. These may include, for example, emails or any other document typically produced in the course of your daily work. The texts will then be reviewed and discussed by the seminar group as a whole and individual feedback will be provided by the trainer in respect of each text.

The training seminar has these key aims:

  • to act as a refresher course in respect of the key areas of business email writing;
  • to provide tips, tricks & techniques to increase effectiveness in everyday business writing;
  • to assist each delegate individually by reviewing and providing feedback on written documents.
Each delegate will be provided with a copy of 'Email Writing Workbook' (Macmillan, 2004) written by our associate Paul Emmerson of Macmillan.

Training content and objectives:

  • Guidelines for Business Writing. How do you write good English? Actually it is very simple. The writer George Orwell summarized six rules that describe how anyone can do it. The module will let us look more closely at each of these.
  • The Style of Business Writing. The writing style you should use depends on the type of composition you are writing, the situation and the intended reader. Three different writing styles are often identified. They are formal, informal and semi-formal. This module will let us look closely at each of these.
  • Grabbing Reader's Attention. Business writing is not read for pleasure. Most of the business documents that cross your desk really test your patience. This module will help you to avoid some common mistakes and let you know how to make point upfront, arrange clean and airy layout, create descriptive headlines, use short sentences, and how to use the vertical lists.
  • Fundamentals of Grammar. No one expects your words to be perfect. However, people are quick to judge us by writing and may consider us careless because of poor grammar. This module will help you to express your action through grammar. We will look closely at abbreviations, nominalization, verb forms, sentence structure, active and passive voices and how to cut verbiage.
  • Let Your Personality Shine. It is easy to make things sound complicated but the best salespeople are those who can translate the jargon of their work into language that their clients can easily understand. This module gives some tips on how to avoid clichés & corporatese, how to be brief & direct, how to be indirect & polite, how to be friendly & positive, how to be proactive, how to change the reader's behaviour, how to start and how to end your writing, how to write follow-ups.
  • The Essential Types of Email. There are not that many forms of email correspondence: requesting information, giving information, thanking, apologizing and connecting. This module will help you to look more closely at each of these.
  • Delegates' text review & trainer feedback exercise.
  • Final discussion, questions & take-home points.
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