построение личного бренда и деловой этикет
Personal Branding
Автор Малкольм Левин (Malcolm Levene, Великобритания)
Деловой этикет и личный бренд
Малкольм, один из самых известных британских имиджмейкеров и экспертов в области делового стиля, этикета и моды. Автор бестселлеров Ellie Hart Goes to Work (Vermilion, 2005) и 10 Steps to Fashion Freedom: Discover Your Personal Style from the Inside Out (Harmony, 2001).

Для кого?
Вы являетесь лицом компании или вам важно, как держат себя ваши сотрудники? Если вы отвечаете "да" и знание делового протокола и этикета имеет значение, то мы будем рады встрече с вами.
Тренинг может проходить как в открытом формате на нашей площадке, так и корпоративном формате у Вас в офисе.
Стандартный двухдневный тренинг с Malcolm идет c 10.00 до 17.00 с двумя кофе-брейками и ланчем.
Обратная связь
Каждый участник получит персональные рекомендации. Как произвести впечатление, как одеваться, как вести беседу, как держать себя в международной деловой среде, каким английским языком выражать свои мысли и др.
Количество участников
Тренинг проходит в интерактивной форме в группе от 8 до 16 человек.
Книга в подарок
Каждый участник тренинга получит в подарок от автора одну из его книг с дарственной надписью.
Personal Branding

Malcolm Levene teaches business people how they can significantly improve their business skills and their businesses by personally developing themselves.

The main purpose of this training seminars is to inspire, provide thought provoking questions, evoke reflection, positive thinking and encourage motivation. Moreover, this encourages the delegates to take actions that will measurably enhance and improve their business and personal lives. In the main, Malcolm talks about personal branding and how it helps us to up our game, make us happier and enable us to be more authentic.

The benefits of having excellent business etiquette are numerous, too. First, they enable us to engage with greater ease. Also, allowing us to build rapport with anyone - irrespective of their language. In addition, business etiquette enables us to have greater influence in business. When we learn what the underpinnings of business etiquette are, they become imbedded in our mind. Therefore, like any new skill, once accurately taught and learned, they become a part of who we are, and how we communicate. Through interactive-partner exercises, attendees learn the essentials of having good manners in business. Furthermore, they will be able to recognize the relevance of business etiquette in business today.

Delegates are asked to send Malcolm their specific understanding of business etiquette in writing, before the event. Furthermore, they are asked to explain what they would like to learn more about, and/or to personally improve in regards to their etiquette.

Each delegate will be provided with a copy of Ellie Hart Goes to Work (Vermilion, 2005) written by Malcolm Levene and Kate Mayfield or a copy of 10 Steps to Fashion Freedom: Discover Your Personal Style from the Inside Out by Malcolm Levene and Kate Mayfield (Harmony, 2001). The books will be handed out at the seminar.

Method and training approach:

The approach is underpinned by EQ (Emotional Intelligence) - (when we learn how to increase our EQ, as if by osmosis, our business etiquette improves), Positive Psychology, Wellbeing and some specific aspects of NLP. If there is a bottom line to what I want to achieve, it is to help businesspeople to be more authentic. When we are more authentic, our level of awareness increases, thereby, giving us a greater ability to increase our etiquette. The method is founded on the fact that when we interact with others, we learn far more quickly. Therefore, each of modules are very interactive, and attendee participation is greatly encouraged. There are numerous exercises and minimal lecturing.

Training objectives:

  • Acknowledge the need for change;
  • Identify and avoid distractions that keep you from attaining your goals;
  • Preparedness is the hallmark of a professional;
  • Learn how to delegate by letting go of fear;
  • Never underestimate the power of communication;
  • The messages you send via your image can determine;
  • You can't avoid difficult people: learn how to negotiate, collaborate and diffuse hostility;
  • Take care of yourself. It is the key to balance and harmony at work and at home.

Training content:

Having the knowledge and wherewithal to communicate with top-notch business etiquette is more than just a list of how-to's. It takes a specific mindset. In this course, the trainer set out the essential qualities and characteristics that need to be in place. With these qualities comes the ability to imbue, and probably more importantly, to convey business etiquette in a highly effective manner.

Those who are able to convey top-notch business etiquette do so as an outcome of specific behaviours. Having studied and written about human behaviour for a number of years, the trainer has put together a course that greatly encourages business etiquette in both men and women. And this is true in any sphere of business. The programme is titled: The Power of One's Ability to Communicate with Business Etiquette. The programme is based on Seven Guiding Principles. Each Principle is there to provide the delegates with essential insights and teachings into having excellent manners, and the ability to communicate those manners highly effectively with anyone.

Principle 1: Authenticity - The ability to be the person you are most proud of.

Principle 2: Role Model - Knowing how to be a stellar Role Model. Etiquette is key.

Principle 3: One-to-one Communication - Knowing how to communicate effectively, and with etiquette is imperative in business today.

Principle 4: Positivity - With positive actions we produce better quality work.

Principle 5: Change - With change we can learn how to be better in business.

Principle 6: Doing the Right Thing - By knowing how/when to do the right thing, we become better human beings. Moreover, we give our etiquette a boost.

Principle 7: One for All - With an attitude of we are all in this together, we can help each other through challenging times.

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