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Do you have a video-guide in Russian Sing Language? Probalby, not. It is very likely that you have a video-guide in ASL, but not the video-guide in Russian Sing Language.

Offically, there are more than 200 000 people with hearing disabilities of different ages in Russian. They are all active and are open to enjoy the moment of meeting with masterpieces of the world heritage. What they really need to come and see the treasures of your museum is the video-guide in Russian Sing Language.

And here we are. We can make a video-guide in Russian Sign Language for the Russian deaf and hard of hearing visitors and make your museum the place for involvement, participation and inclusion. A museum to see, to touch, to hear.

Sergey Krechetov
Executive Director, Languages Without Borders Ltd
Why choose us?
Quality and Experience
We are the leading company that offers tours for deaf and hard of hearing people in Russia and we make video-guides in Russian Sign Language for Russian museums.

All our deaf guides have more than 2 years of experience and accredited with formal licences by all main St. Petersbourg museums. To date we acomplished video-guides for some of the leading museums of St. Petersbourg, including Fabergé Museum and St. Petersbourg State Museum of Theatre and Music.
Flexibility and Support
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. To reduce your expenses we can make the video at our premises and send you via Iternet the ready for use video-guide in Russian Sing Language.

Together we help people with hearing disabilities and make the world better.
Can a deaf person be a museum guide?
Why have a deaf or hard of hearing guide?
Why not have a "normal" guide and a sign language interpreter with them?
The Orthodox Christians celebrate Pascha, culminating in Easter Sunday on 19 April. This video in Russian Sing Language tells us about the origins of the Russian Easter egg tradition that dates back to pre-Christian times when people considered eggs as fertility symbols and as devices of protection. Fabergé eggs are among the most exquisite creations ever made.
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