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эффективная презентация и публичное выступление на английском языке
Presenting with Power
Тренер Энди Колехан (Andy Colehan, Великобритания)
Тренер Сергей Кречетов (МГИМО, Россия)
Тренинг презентаций и публичных выступлений
на английском языке
Для кого?
Для всех, кому по роду своей деятельности приходится выступать публично на английском языке: от индивидуальных до инвесторских презентаций.
В идеале тренинги проводятся на нейтральных площадках, но при необходимости мы проведем их у вас в офисе.
Стандартный пакет включает в себя четыре выездные сессии в вашем офисе с Сергеем и одну выездную сессию в Лондоне с Энди.
Обратная связь
Все участники тренинга получат видео своих выступлений. Одно будет снято в начале тренинга. Второе в конце. Разбор полетов прилагается.
Количество участников
Тренинг проходит в интерактивной форме, как индивидуально, так и в группах.
Книга в подарок
Каждый участник тренинга получит от авторов материалы на английском языке.
Совместные программы по презентациям публичным выступлениям проводятся Энди и Сергеем с 2008 года.
Модуль в Великобритании
Энди уже более 30 лет в тренингах и работает на всех континентах с представителями самых разных деловых культур.
Модуль в России
Сергей работал в UNESCO, ICC, выпускник и приглашенный преподаватель МГИМО. Более 10 лет проводит тренинги по публичным выступлениям и презентациям.
Presenting with Power

This training seminar takes you from the basics, giving you a framework for structuring and presenting yourself in English, to tips on becoming an advanced effective presenter. There will be plenty of chance for you to practise what you learnt and to get feedback on your presentation delivery and style in English.

This training seminar is highly interactive, practical and skills-focused. The intention is to make a difference by leaving the participants more skilled and able to perform better rather than just more intellectually aware.

The training has these objectives:

  • to understand how would you go about giving a business presentation in English to an international audience;
  • to establish rapport quickly and easily with your audience and adapt your presentation to the international nature of your audience;
  • to present your products and services with maximum impact.
During the training each participant will be provided with: a comprehensive guide book Presenting with Power and Video CD with recorded practice sessions.

Delegates will need to bring two short presentation to the training. Either one they are planning to make, have made, or want to make. A good duration for this presentation is around five to six minutes. If delegates normally use their lap-top for their presentations, we recommend that they bring this with them. As this is a presentations skills course, normal business dress should be worn.

Training content and objectives:

  • Planning Your Presentation. Preparation is fundamental for a successful presentation. Decide on your primary and secondary objectives, create a take-home message and research your audience. Learn practical ways to generate and organise your ideas.
  • Constructing Your Message. Select your key points and then create an outline for constructing your message. With this module you will find hints on condensing your script into note and tips for writing your presentation in English.
  • Choosing Your Visual Aids. It's important to make your message visual and that you design visuals that support your presentation in an intercultural setting rather than distract from it. This module provides techniques for using visual aids, including some dos and don'ts when using PowerPoint.
  • Open & Close with Impact. This module will show you how to get the audience's attention and interest right from the start and establish rapport with them.
  • Question & Answer Session. You will need to anticipate and be prepared to answer questions from your audience. This module includes useful tips for answering questions effectively and suggestions for where you should position the question and answer session.
  • Developing Confidence & Controlling Your Nerves. This module will help you to concentrate on the messenger as well as the message. You will need to prepare yourself for your presentation so that you come across confidently and in control of yourself. This module will give you practical tips for reducing your feelings of anxiety.
  • Your Style of Delivery. This module gives you guidelines for developing your presence and for making an impact on your audience. There are also tips on your English language, posture, gestures, eyes, voice and clothes.
  • Never be Boring Again. Learn how to wrap your presentation so you keep your audiences riveted. Also discover ways to aid retention and make your presentation brain friendly.
  • Which Planet is Your Audience from? This module will help you to understand how important it is to match the style of your delivery to the needs of your international audience. It outlines the main personality types (altruistic, assertive and analytic) you are likely to come across and gives you tips on customising your style so you appeal to each type.
  • Fishing with Chicken Vindaloo? This module reveals the secrets of how to sell your message. You will learn how to adapt your technique so your ideas are accepted by the different personality types.
  • How the Pros Handle the Unexpected. The successful presenter is prepared for all eventualities. Lear from how the professionals handle the unexpected. You will have a collection of ad-libs that might be useful for overcoming those awful moments.
  • Humour for Speakers. Sprinkling your presentation with some gentle humour can be useful for getting rapport with the audience. Also, it can help people to relax and be receptive to you and your ideas. You will have examples of one-liners for a variety of situations, which centre mainly on the business world.
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